Who We Are

The Student Christian Movement (SCM) of Nigeria is the local expression of World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) in Nigeria. The WSCF is a Geneva based, non-governmental and nonprofit making International Student Christian Organization. Beside SCM of Nigeria, there are other national movements affiliated to WSCF from over one hundred countries of the world. The primary aim of SCM is to call out her constituencies (Students, Youths and Senior Friends) to through biblical discipleship live out the life of Christ wherever they may be in the world; to bring them into Christian fellowship with one another in mutual service; to scripturally strive for peace and justice in and among nations, to work for the manifestation of the unity of the church and to be messengers of God's kingdom to all men and women from where we are in the world reaching unto the uttermost end.


Model 4

John R. Mott Building Project.

Picture to the left show Student Christian Movement (SCM)'s President (Cyprian Ojum) setting the first brick, foundation for the SCMs John R. Mott. Project.
John Raleigh Mott, missionary par excellence, Christian ambassador of repute and Nobel Laureate is the founding father of Student Christian Movement world-wide. In a continuing effort to see that the vision of getting Christian converts, providing discipleship to students and sending them forth (which has continued for more than 70years), we have been called to build unto the Lord.
The features of the John R Mott Center include:

  • A Guest House which contains:
  • 191 Rooms
  • 11 Halls
  • 2 Suites
  • 2 Car Parks.
  • A Multi-Purpose Hall.

      It covers an area of 2 acres (16 plots). Location: Umuchoko, Chokota Etche LGA, Greater Port Harcourt area, Rivers State
      But the phase of the development we're embarking on would only cover the GUEST HOUSE and 1 CAR PARK in preparation for the biennial conference come April 2014.
      You can download the full presentaion and Building details , click here

Model 5

Picture of the Ongoing Building Project. (John R. Mott) Below is the building plan for the john R. Mott Project

Model 6

More Photos of The John R. Mott Project.

Model 6